Although the pharmaceutical market offers many options for treating erectile dysfunction, usually these drugs provide only symptomatic treatment and not cure. Therefore, many people turn to alternative methods of therapy, hoping for an improvement in their condition and even complete recovery.


Premature ejaculation is also referred to as sensitive ejaculation, early ejaculation, rapid climax (and historically ejaculatio praecox). It is commonly abbreviated as PE. In practice, this means that a man cums too fast, within a few moments after the beginning of sexual intercourse, say, within 15-30 seconds. This dysfunction is also characterized by problems with controlling ejaculation.

The disease is common, it can occur in any age, especially in young guys. According to C. Carson and K. Gunn (International Journal of Impotence Research, 2006), PE is likely to be the most widespread sexual dysfunction in males. Its worldwide prevalence is about 30%. This is a huge number, however, often the condition has transient nature. Some cases require serious medical treatment, while in other situations, natural therapy would be helpful.


Viagra, Levitra and Cialis have impacted males’ sexual life dramatically over the past two decades. Men, who had no hope to enjoy a good sex and receive a satisfaction, were rescued. Marriages, which were on the edge of collapse because of absence of sex, were given a second chance. Men, who didn’t have a date for years, at last, got girls’ attention. One of the main advantages of Viagra is that it provides a complete confidence and restores males’ dignity. Due to this medicine, they feel themselves real machos, since they don’t face problems with erection anymore. This is a powerful weapon against such a delicate issue.

But do you think that only men can enjoy benefits from this drug? Viagra is always associated only as a remedy for erectile disorders.


Decreased potency is a very common problem in males. In some patients, it appears sporadically, indicating a lack of proper rest or presence of ingrained bad habits, while in others it becomes a chronic condition, causing disharmony in many areas of a life. In addition to the fact that the deterioration of potency signals a malfunction in the functioning of the body, this phenomenon has an extremely negative effect on psychological state.

A man loses confidence, there may be serious difficulties in the relationship with his partner. So erectile dysfunction sufferers seek to find a treatment, and some of them prefer natural methods.

(more…)Symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) include rare or weak erections in the morning or during sexual intercourse. Penile hardness may be difficult to achieve in a particular sex position or its achievement may require plenty of time. This condition brings anxiety and insecurity in the men’s lives, so they diligently seek efficient remedies. Some men prefer to use natural methods, solely or in combination with traditional treatment (Viagra, Cialis, etc.). Ayurvedic medicine has been existing for ages and is still popular now. Can it help to cope with erectile dysfunction? (more…)

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