Symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) include rare or weak erections in the morning or during sexual intercourse. Penile hardness may be difficult to achieve in a particular sex position or its achievement may require plenty of time. This condition brings anxiety and insecurity in the men’s lives, so they diligently seek efficient remedies. Some men prefer to use natural methods, solely or in combination with traditional treatment (Viagra, Cialis, etc.). Ayurvedic medicine has been existing for ages and is still popular now. Can it help to cope with erectile dysfunction? (more…)

We welcome new patients in our wellness center and provide a high quality of medical care. Very often, we find that people have never heard of a center like ours and want to know how it is different from visiting a traditional doctor and what services they can expect to receive. Naturally, we welcome questions and are happy to provide detailed answers. The information below should be used as a resource only because we can answer very specific questions over the phone or in person. (more…)