Premature Ejaculation: Natural Treatment and Home Remedies

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Premature ejaculation is also referred to as sensitive ejaculation, early ejaculation, rapid climax (and historically ejaculatio praecox). It is commonly abbreviated as PE. In practice, this means that a man cums too fast, within a few moments after the beginning of sexual intercourse, say, within 15-30 seconds. This dysfunction is also characterized by problems with controlling ejaculation.

The disease is common, it can occur in any age, especially in young guys. According to C. Carson and K. Gunn (International Journal of Impotence Research, 2006), PE is likely to be the most widespread sexual dysfunction in males. Its worldwide prevalence is about 30%. This is a huge number, however, often the condition has transient nature. Some cases require serious medical treatment, while in other situations, natural therapy would be helpful.

premature ejaculation causes

Natural Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

Often, a patient seeking medical help has been suffering for years, as many males would prefer to postpone consulting a healthcare provider (because of shame and unwillingness to tell the details of their intimate life), hoping for a self-repair.

There is the only officially approved medication for treating early ejaculation – dapoxetine. It is not available in all countries, despite its high efficiency. The medication contains an active agent of the same name, which belongs to serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). It was initially developed to treat depression, but later clinicians revealed its good efficiency in combating fast ejaculation. However, due to some doubts and concerns, many males prefer natural treatment. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

premature ejaculation natural treatment
  1. Ayurvedic herbal medicine. This is an Indian traditional medicinal system that involves the use of thousands of herbs. Some herbal remedies, such as Tulsi beeja (Occimum santum Linn), akarakarabha (Anacyclus pyrethrum Linn) and kamini vidrawan ras, have shown their effectiveness in treating rapid climax in men. For instance, K. Cooper, E. Kaltenthaler et al. reported that the volunteers who used Ayurvedic preparations experienced a slight but noticeable increase in penile erection time during sex and, accordingly, delayed ejaculation (Sexual Medicine, 2017).
  2. Chinese herbal remedies. There are special pills produced by China-based manufacturers, eg Yimusake and Qilin. They help to boost sexual stamina. According to the abovementioned study by K. Cooper and E. Kaltenthaler, administration of supplements from this group helped to improve erection time by 2 minutes.
  3. Zinc supplements. Zn is an important microelement, which is needed for proper functioning of the male reproductive system. Many studies have shown that this substance boosts testosterone levels,  a hormone linked to improvement of condition in patients with premature orgasm.

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premature ejaculation home remedies

Can Home Remedies Help?

There are two physical techniques that can delay ejaculation in men.

  • Start-and-stop technique. This is a simple method which implies stoping sexual stimulation once a man feels upcoming ejaculation. The stimulation continues once this feeling has gone away.
  • Squeeze method. It is also called pause-squeeze method. It is similar to the previous one, but in this case a male or his partner should gently squeeze the end of the penile organ for a half of a minute before continuing sexual stimulation.

Fast ejaculation can also be prevented (treated) by using a condom, which decreases sexual feelings. A patient can also practice masturbation with a condom.

It is important to practice these methods to develop necessary skills. They can serve as a great addition to medication therapy with dapoxetine-containing medications (Priligy or Vriligy). Additionally, you can practice Kegel pelvic exercises which allow to improve control over orgasmic feelings. If the problem persists, consult a healthcare professional.

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