Heart Disease and Stroke are the top health concerns for both men and women in our country. Vascular screening for plaque in your arteries and early intervention can help prevent a life threatening event. We offer our patients advanced lipid screening through Berekley Heart Lab. Genetic markers for heart disease and more comprehensive lipid profiles can also identify those persons at higher risk. Please discuss these and other cardiovascular screening tests offered by our providers at your next visit.
To learn more about Berkeley Heart Lab please visit: http://www.bhlinc.com
What does this test include beside a lipid panel?
This test is a comprehensive test that detects inflammation, evaluates quality of your lipids and genetic markers:
– Size of LDL particles
– Size of HDL particles
– LDL Particle number ApoB
– Lp (a)
– Homocysteine
– Lp-PLA2 – Inflammation in the Artery
– CRP (hs) – Inflammation in the Body
– Fibrinogen – Inflammation Marker and Clotting Factor
– Insulin – Hormone
– NT-proBNP – Stress on the Heart
– Vitamin D – Hormone
– Omega-3 – Fatty Acid
– 4q25 AF Risk Genotype
– 9p21 Genotype Test
– ApoE Genotype Test
– CYP2C19 Genotype Test
– KIF6 Genotype Test
– LPA-Aspirin Genotype Test
– LPA-Intron 25 Genotype Test

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