Is Skin Tightening right for me?
Until recently, the only way to fight the effects of time, such as sagging skin and droopy eyelids, was to go under the knife and have plastic surgery. While this is still the optimal option for dramatic results, surgery can be invasive, incur major risks, may result in unnatural appearance and have excessive downtime.
Our skin tightening treatments with the E2 and Gentle Max Pro offer a noninvasive, completely natural-looking option. By stimulating healthy collagen, the skin tightening process firms sagging skin and fills in wrinkles at your jaw line, eye area, mouth and cheeks. Skin tightening actually jumpstarts organic cell growth – making your skin look and act more like the way it used to.

How does Skin Tightening work?
At Ferguson Family Medicine, we use a combination of light and bipolar frequencies to penetrate the surface of your skin. While the skin tightening treatment head keeps your face cool and comfortable, the deep heat nurtures the collagen embedded in your epidermal layers, encouraging tightening of the skin’s tissue and promoting continued regrowth over time.

What can I expect from Skin Tightening?
After as few as four skin tightening treatment sessions spaced three to four weeks apart, you’ll notice your lines begin to fill in and loose skin becoming tighter. Our aesthetician will recommend products to maximize the skin tightening effects, but the treatment requires very little recovery period.

How long does Skin Tightening last?
After skin tightening treatments, clients notice their skin returning to its original contours as skin continues to age in the following years. The effects of the treatment can last a long time, but because of the continual process of aging, loss of collagen, effects of sun, lifestyle and weight loss we recommend maintenance treatments every six months to a year.

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