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Welcome to Ferguson Medicine

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Dear visitors, we are glad to see you at the website of our online drugstore Ferguson Medicine, which is an official  Family Pharmacy.

Ferguson Medicine appeared on the scene relatively recently. However, it developed at an astounding pace and soon deserved international attention of customers from different parts of the world. The idea of making demandable drugs cheaper for folks brought our pharmacy to a new level. It is just impossible to find a safer and quicker online medications seller than Ferguson Medicine.

What We Offer

Cost of meds is a major concern today. You know, official branded medicines are good remedies for treating health problems. But their key disadvantage is in that they feature high prices. Prices can be so high that not everyone can afford them. Fortunately, there are equi-effective generics, which are produced by drugmakers other than official developers of drugs. Genuine meds have patent protection for some time, but after its expiration, any company that has necessary facilities and meets production standards can produce generic medications using the same chemical formula as in their genuine counterparts.

Ferguson Pharmacy offers a countless number of generic medicaments and other stuff. All your needs will be met, whether you want generic drugs or special medicinal products. We supply products from reliable world famous brand manufacturers. In addition, you will be impressed by our affordable price policy for all types of drugs.

As for particular medicines, we offer Ivermectin from Canada, Hydroxychoroquine from Canada, and a bunch of other generic drugs of the highest quality.

Our Values

We have been operating in the pharmaceutical market for a long time. Since the very beginning of our work, we have developed several principles (values) that we are guided by so far. We proudly present them to you:

  • We Are One Team.
  • We Are Focused on Constant Improvement and Success.
  • We Create a Culture of Honesty Amongst Canadian Online Pharmacies.
  • We Treat Our Customers as We Would Want to be Treated.
  • Quality – We Deliver High-Quality Medicines.
  • Health is the Most Important Thing.

Advantages of Ferguson Medicine

The number of our customers is growing exponentially. This is due to the fact that we really care about them. There are several reasons why customers choose Ferguson Medicine. They’re as follows:

  • we operate worldwide and make international shipments;
  • talented and responsible stuff;
  • a great assortment of meds, which is constantly replenished;
  • user-friendly interface of the website and order form;
  • secured SSL-payments, total users’ confidentiality and security of financial transactions;
  • multiple supported payment methods;
  • attractive price policy;
  • multinational delivery;
  • no spam emails and annoying ads.

In addition, we provide reliable popular science-backed articles about medicines and diseases. You will become more medicinewise after reading our materials. Besides, each drug is supplied with detailed online instructions. However, it’s worth remembering that any information on the internet should not be used as a substitute for a real doctor’s consultation.

The Highest Level of Privacy is Guaranteed

Your local “corner” drugstore cannot boost high level of anonymity protection. The fact of your buying a drug or asking a drugstore employee about the preparation’s properties can inevitably become known to your neighbors, acquaintances or relatives, especially if you live in a small town or village. One of the main advantages of online Canadian Pharmacy is its excellent privacy policy.

Don’t worry about disclosure of your personal details when buying medications here. Online Canadian pharmacy keeps them in secret, without exceptions. According to statistics, hacking into 256-bit SSL level of encryption, which our pharmacy has, will take approximately one million years. Anyone can hardly dare to break such a secured system.

Have no Fear in Relying on Us

We have attentive personnel and up-to-date technical facilities to guarantee that will buy proper medicaments of high quality. You may ask for any advice, concerning prescription or drug’s instruction, which you should strictly follow. Our online drug seller is acknowledged by professional associations. We know, that there is nothing more valuable than health and are willing to make you healthier and happier. In Canadian Family Pharmacy (Ferguson Medicine), you will get affordable prices, professional treatment, regular discounts, and best generic drugs.

Short FAQ

Our customers often ask us about the use of medicines and clarify the issues of our work. So we’ve prepared comprehensive answers to the most popular questions.

Are generics safe for health and do they have equal effect?

Generics provide the same effect as their branded counterparts. This is due to the fact that they contain the same pharmaceutical formulation in the same dosage. Therefore, they provide the same therapeutical effect, which has been proven by a bunch of medicinal studies. For instance, sildenafil in 100mg dosage contained in a generic pill acts in the same way as branded Viagra tablet (100mg strength).

How to make an order at Ferguson Medicine?

The procedure is as simple as ABC. There are no problems in navigating the site. All you need for successful order completion are choosing the drug, adding it into the shopping cart, and entering delivery and personal data. The shipping service is more than fast and advanced. You will receive your order within minimal time. Our adherence to recognized standards of security provides you with assurance that your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party.

Are there special bonuses?

We offer bonuses and discounts on a regular basis, in particular you can find coupon codes on newly appeared medicines and holiday coupons. We constantly delight our customers during holiday periods. Visit our drug store regularly, and you will definitely stumble on a discount.

Our Mission

Our mission at Ferguson Family Medicine is to provide the latest evidence-based medical care in an environment where every patient is treated with compassion, respect and personal attention tailored to their individual concerns. We want to help empower patients to live a longer and healthier life with our treatment. We will help identify any pain the patient has and customize a treatment plan to the patient’s needs.

We not only offer a variety of treatment options but do so in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you are struggling with back pain or have an interest in anti-aging treatment, we can help. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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Our Team

The team at Ferguson Family Medicine helps create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere from the waiting room to the treatment room. We encourage patients to ask any questions and bring up any concerns. Our team will ensure the patient leaves with the necessary information and treatment to continue a healthy lifestyle. Our team has the skills and technology to provide the necessary treatment for patients. We understand that patients may have a hectic lifestyle and we will attempt to work with any availability we have to get you an appointment. Our team will be with you throughout the entire process. Our team will work to integrate a variety of possible modalities into one’s treatment. We will provide all necessary information as well as any benefits and risks of the treatment before we begin.

Our Services

We provide patients a variety of health and skin-care services by utilizing the latest advancements and expertise in modern medicine. These services can include medical spa treatment, family medicine, Botox®, skin care, laser skin care, Ultherapy, addiction treatment and pain management. We understand that each patient is different and will alter the treatment for the condition. We also provide weight management, preventive care, primary care, headache/migraine relief and anti-aging treatment. We will also help patients continue to keep up treatments after the initial appointment, if necessary. By doing this, we can help ensure the patient is able to keep up his or health. We act as consultants for patients in need of medical advice and treatment. We can go over which services will be best for the patient’s condition during the consultation.

Patient Information

For new patients, we will need them to fill out a patient information form that covers the patient’s current condition, medical history, insurance information and any other facts about the patient that we need to know. With this information, we can develop a personal treatment plan. Patients can fill the form out online before coming to our practice and bring up any questions during the appointment. We encourage patients to bring up all concerns during this first appointment in order to help address all issues the condition causes. During the first appointment, we will go over the treatment plan and what will happen in the weeks ahead. If the treatment needs multiple appointments or at least one follow-up visit, we will work on scheduling them here as well.