Does Acupuncture Help to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

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Although the pharmaceutical market offers many options for treating erectile dysfunction, usually these drugs provide only symptomatic treatment and not cure. Therefore, many people turn to alternative methods of therapy, hoping for an improvement in their condition and even complete recovery.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture (also called needle therapy) is a form of alternative medicine and a component of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the opinion about the existence of points and meridians in the body along which Qi (vital energy) circulates in the body. There is a belief that this method was developed in China, but archaeological finds indicate that acupuncture was used back in the Neolithic era. Many tattoos were found on the body of the most ancient mummy Ötzi (3 thousand years BC), some of which coincided with acupuncture meridians.

acupuncture for ed

Currently, acupuncture is quite widely used in China, Japan and other Asian countries to treat many chronic diseases and other conditions.

Adherents of this method for ED treatment claim that acupuncture has an effect on biologically active points, which helps to increase male sex hormones and, accordingly, provides a beneficial effect on erection. In addition, the pain effect caused by acupuncture stimulates a rush of blood to the penis, and as you know, which is necessary for a normal erection.

Does Acupuncture Really Cure ED?

Many doctors believe that acupuncture is a quackery and an unproven treatment method. However, there are some studies that show the effectiveness of acupuncture. For example, in 2015, a group of Russian scientists conducted several studies that proved that a combination of therapeutic methods (psychotherapeutic correction of sexual maladaptation, electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles and cavernous bodies, physiotherapy exercises, as well as acupuncture) provides a long therapeutic effect after a cycle of treatment. However, the specific role of acupuncture in this complex of methods is unknown. Back in 2003, the WHO compiled a list of diseases for which acupuncture can be useful, but the report of this international organization was criticized for a selection of poor-quality studies to confirm the alleged effectiveness of the method.

acupuncture for erectile dysfunction

At the same time, other scientists call this method a theatrical placebo, arguing that it is completely useless and its effectiveness does not depend on anything for a simple reason: acupuncture does not work. They explain the existing data on the effectiveness of acupuncture by the placebo effect, which can indeed be pronounced in some cases, but this is simply a psychological self-suggestion and not the physiological effect of acupuncture on the organs and systems of the body.

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Risks of Acupuncture

According to the prevailing opinion, acupuncture is safe if it is carried out by trained specialists and using sterile needles. But invasiveness (penetration into tissues) is a key characteristic of alternative medicine, associated with a number of risks and complications, which include pain, bleeding, bruising, infectious diseases and nerve damage. With inept performance of the procedure, damage is possible not only to nerves but also to internal organs.

It is important: treatment of erectile dysfunction does not mean sticking needles into the penis. Points associated with the treatment of this condition are on the arms, legs and stomach.

As emphasized on the Healthline website, if you decide to try acupuncture to treat ED, it is important to find a licensed or registered acupuncturist in your country.

Conclusion Erectile dysfunction is a disease that requires a delicate attitude. Many men do not particularly like to see doctors, and it is difficult for them to discuss the problem of impotence morally. But you need to overcome the feeling of confusion and find the time to make a visit to the doctor. We would not recommend using acupuncture only on the advice of traditional healers and specialists in the field of Chinese medicine.

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