Performance Anxiety with a New Partner – 7 Tips to Avoid

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Performance anxiety is a common problem, especially amongst young men. What are the causes of this condition? Is it possible to prevent it?

Main Causes of the Disorder

The main reason why males start feeling anxious is the flow of undesirable negative thoughts concerning their good sexual performance. They vary from the fear to disappoint a partner (not please her) to considering own sexual inadequacy.

Such feelings, which cause anxiety, are influenced by penis length and girth, man’s role perception or body image. Negative thoughts related to other person’s life may also trigger anxiety.

Besides, stressful situations at work, problems in family, financial issues are not positive for man’s mental wellbeing and contribute to such frustrating state of mind.

Stress performance anxiety

Connection between Anxiety Related to Bad Performance and Impotence

There are some ways in which such conditions may link. Anxiety about performance in the bed can be the factor which induces erectile disorders in gentlemen. Women can also experience sexual dysfunction.

Intimate expectations are not always met. Consequently, representatives of both sexes may feel that they are incapable and unworthy.

Male persons who are prone to low self-estimation can suffer from physical inability, that is from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Scientists Eugene F. Simopoulos and Anton C. Trinidad (2013) stated that the association between state of male’s mind and his sexual ability is obvious.

Tips on How to Avoid the Anxiety

There are seven recommendations on how to get rid of performance anxiety.

1. Manage the processes in your own mind

There is the only enemy, which create anxiety and kill your self-estimation. It’s not your penis of body, which tell you that you are not good enough. It’s your own mind that makes your nervous. Clear your thoughts and you will overcome the problem. Never let any negative thoughts to rule your life and sexual activity.

2. Be Non-Linear

One of the main anxious feeling concerns the fear that something will go not according to the previously imagined scenario. Actually, sex doesn’t have to happen in certain order or particular direction. Let the improvisation and unexpected events happen. And don’t bother too much about it.

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3. Communicate with Your Partner

Try to focus on establishing a trusting relationship with a partner, discuss your problems and contraceptive issues. If there is coldness and “backlog” in the relationship, these factors would adversely affect the sex life. Full sex life is possible if partners trust each other and are not ashamed to talk about their phobias.

4. Don’t Think about Penetration

Focusing on pleasure without thinking about the result is another way to overcome the fear of sexual intimacy. You need to enjoy kisses, touches and hugs, trying to extend every moment and not rush to the final (intercourse and climax).

5. Exercise

According to several studies, erectile dysfunction symptoms have been linked to the absence of physical activity. A simple training routine (20-30 min) performed 3-4 times a week will decrease levels of stress in the organism. Besides traditional exercises, you can try specific ones, in particular Kegel exercises for the pelvic area. This may also prevent organic ED.

6. Try Psychotherapy

In some cases, psychotherapy is definitely necessary. If a person has serious problems, it is worth going to a competent psychologist. You cannot run away from your sexual side of personality.

7. You Can Also Try Viagra

Viagra may become the Aladdin’s lamp for you. It is known that drugs from this class (PDE5 inhibitors) are helpful in case of psychogenic erectile dysfunction. They allow the body to adapt to stressful situation and develop an ability to get erection without the pharmacological support.

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