How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Stop Its Progression?

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Our ancestors in ancient times believed that male power, the ability to have sex and fertilize a woman had a great sacred meaning and emotionally-psychological significance, that is, it was a sign of man’s dignity, superiority and excellent health. A male who lost his sexual function was considered defective and socially inferior. Now society is in the postmodern stage, nevertheless the old ideas about the male power have been partially preserved. But there is more to it than that. Erectile dysfunction (ED) may be the first bell, indicating that something is wrong with the body. You know, any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, the methods of preventing ED are of immediate interest.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

According to scientists, the prevalence of male impotence in people without somatic condition (underlying physiological disease) is 15-20% (psychogenic dysfunction is meant). Among patients with concomitant cardiovascular diseases this indicator is over 60%, that is, healthcare experts detect it 3-4 times more often. As reported by O’Kane P., Jackson G. (2001), arterial insufficiency of the penis occurs in about a third of cases before systemic manifestations of cardiovascular disease. As indicated in the study by Kirby M., Jackson G. et al. (2001) the diameter of the cavernous arteries is smaller than the diameter of the coronary ones, so ED may be the first clinical manifestation of diseases caused by endothelial dysfunction, simply stated, vascular lesions. Erectile dysfunction is very common in men with coronary heart disease, diabetes, and arterial hypertension. Therefore, the methods of preventing this disease, outlined below, will help prevent other, more serious illnesses. These methods affect the body as a whole, having a health-promoting effect. walking erectile dysfunction

Tips for Preventing ED

  1. Eat properly. Adhere to a healthy, balanced, low-fat diet. Trans fats, which are contained in fast food, margarine, candies with cream, crackers and donuts, are especially dangerous. This will help prevent vessel blockage, which can cause ED and cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Doing sport is a great (and indispensable) way to maintain normal blood circulation. Try to muster the strength to go jogging in the morning regularly, go swimming or join a gym. Yoga may also be helpful.
  3. Give up bad habits. It has been proven that alcohol leads to a decrease in testosterone levels in the body, which adversely affects the libido. Smoking is very harmful to blood vessels and is associated with cardiovascular diseases, not to speak about drugs.
  4. Fight stress. Some cases of sexual impotence are caused solely by psychological reasons. Perhaps you should visit a psychologist. Anti-ED drugs such as Viagra can also help with the psychogenic form of the disease, as they increase blood flow in the genital area and provide confidence.
  5. Stop using some drugs (or find alternative). Some drugs, in particular, antidepressants, diuretics and anti-inflammatory drugs, pills that reduce cholesterol levels, can gradually erode erectile function. Thus, in the study Higgins A., Lynch A. (2010) it was shown that antidepressants can cause such undesirable symptoms: decreased libido, decreased arousal, problems with orgasm, and decreased sensitivity.
  6. Sleep enough. To be healthy, you need a good sleep, which is an axiom. Lack of sleep causes nervousness, chronic fatigue and, therefore, problems with potency.
  7. Lose weight. Excess weight has been associated with an increased chance of impotence. Therefore, if you are overweight, you need to fight it. According to the experiment of Esposito K., Giugliano F. et al. (2004), 31% of the group of men who lost 33 lbs (15 kg) over a two-year period reported a resumption of erectile function.

How to Stop the Progression of ED?

What to do when the state began to develop? Do not despair, more than 90% of cases are treatable. You need to follow all the tips described above. Start exercising (at least walk a lot), eat properly. Get slim & stay slim. Pay attention to the condition of your heart and vessels. Besides, consider a medicine to enhance erections. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra are good and proven drugs that provide symptomatic treatment. Sometimes they help to cope with the problem (in the case of a psychogenic condition). Take care of yourself. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, the risks of erectile dysfunction development / progression will be minimized.

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