Getting Rid of Depression – Natural and Pharmaceutical Treatments

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Today, one in four people has experienced depression at least once in their lives. This is due to the fact that the modern world is fraught with many stressful situations. If you are overtaken by depression, do not despair, there is always a way out, since there are many natural and pharmaceutical methods for treating this condition.

What Is Depression and How Does It Occur?

In non-medical terms, depression is a decline in mental strength when the soul is actually exhausted. According to medical terminology, depression is a mental disorder.

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Depression usually occurs when a person cannot satisfy some of their needs, prefers to cave in to the situation, not wanting to change it. This leads to a drop in energy, which inevitably leads to depressive disorders. Depression can be caused by an unpleasant event, such as the death of a family member. This ailment can appear without any noticeable reason, but this does not happen, in fact, the reason covertly existed. Against the background of regular suffering, at some point, a person crosses an invisible line and falls into a vicious circle of depressive thoughts, feelings of guilt, depressed mood and neurochemical changes.

Probably the most unpleasant thing is that depression physically affects the brain. The hippocampus is reduced in size, which causes problems with memory and concentration. Depression can also lead to erectile dysfunction in men (which is not surprising). But there is good news: this process is usually completely reversible.

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How to Get Rid of Depression Naturally?

Depression is usually a psychological disorder. To get out of it, you need to be courageous, try to find a way out of any difficult situations, you need to take off all masks and live a full life, satisfying your needs and desires. You need to do what you want. Give your soul what it wants and spend less energy on your weaknesses and vices.

You must also understand that depression is a disease and not just a weakness. (since, as we have noted above, it leads to changes in the brain). Even such prominent celebrities as Sigmund Freud, Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln survived the depression.

A practicing psychologist can set you on the right track (if you yourself cannot come to grips with your state of mind). You need to take a few steps:

  • Eliminate negative ideas, including the one that you are supposedly such a depressive person and cannot do anything with this disorder. You also do not need to think that depression is an exclusively psychological disease, as some bad habits such as smoking and alcoholism can aggravate its course or become a trigger for its occurrence.
  • Meditate. Meditation is considered a very useful practice for inner reassurance and achieving harmony with oneself and the world.
  • Strengthen your own body. As they say, sound mind in a sound body. Physical activity not only positively affects muscles, but also increases vitality.
  • Develop willpower. Try to always carry out the planned actions.
  • Strengthen the nervous system. Anxiety, nervousness, irritability are prerequisites for the occurrence of depression. Learn the special techniques of relaxation and stress management.
  • Stop complaining about life. When you complain, you create a negative background around you. Try to find positive moments in life, you will certainly succeed.

Medications for the Treatment of Depression

Unfortunately, there are cases when the depression is so protracted, that it is almost impossible to cope with it without the use of medications. To get rid of this condition, such means as Cymbalta, Effexor, Abilify, Solian and many others are used. They are divided into groups with a different mechanism of action. Despite the fact that antidepressants and tranquilizers can positively affect the symptoms of depression, they alone cannot lead to positive effect. You must develop a ‘mental immunity’ to various life circumstances that can lead to depression. Although in many cases the need to use medications cannot be denied, psychotherapy and self-care will bring much more benefits in the long run. Drugs are needed to “put the patient on his feet”, get out of a depressed state and start working on themselves.

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