Is Erectile Dysfunction Permanent? Ways to Cure This Disease

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A significant percentage of men begin to experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) with age. The principal question they often ask – is it possible to cure? Or maybe erectile dysfunction is forever? Let’s try to figure it out.

Is ED Permanent? Can You Cure this Disease?

First of all, you need to know that there are two main types of this disease: psychological and physiological. Often, erectile dysfunction is mixed, that is, it is based on a mixture of these factors.

Psychological erectile dysfunction is always a completely curable disease (possibly with the exception of rare cases).

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Physiological (organic) erectile dysfunction is almost always a treatable disorder. But curability might be in question here. The reason for this type of impotence is organic lesions that physiologically prevent an erection from occurring. If these lesions can be eliminated, then we can say that erectile dysfunction is temporary. But if their elimination is impossible, then this disorder is unfortunately considered permanent and the patient needs regular symptomatic treatment (before each sexual intercourse or on an ongoing basis).

If you have successfully cured the disease, you may encounter another condition, although less serious. Dependence can be closely related to the use of any medication for ED. This is due to the fact that if a patient is used to experiencing difficulties in bed, he may begin to believe (knowingly or unconsciously) that he cannot perform a satisfactory sexual intercourse without a pill. Although paradoxical, the loss of confidence is sometimes the end result of this type of ‘cure’. However, over time, confidence can return, for which a man sometimes may need ta psychologist’s help.

The Most Effective Treatment Methods for Erectile Dysfunction

Finding a truly effective treatment for ED sometimes causes a headache. Indeed, the variety of pharmaceutical solutions makes selection difficult. Is Viagra the best solution available on the market? What about alternative treatments? If you feel like you’re at a standstill, read our mini-guide below.

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  • Viagra. This is an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction, which has gained worldwide fame. Just mentioning this word may make some ignorant people laugh. However, these pills are really effective and are lifesavers for many men who suffer from erection disorders.
  • Cialis. This is the most striking competitor to Viagra, which accounts for about 35 percent on the market (while Viagra occupies about 65 percent). Nevertheless, due to the duration of the effect of this drug, which is as many as 36 hours, more and more men choose Cialis based on the active agent tadalafil. Another unusual feature of Cialis is that it is officially allowed to take low doses of the drug every day, which leads to an ‘eternal’ effect and excellent spontaneity in sexual relations.
  • Prostaglandin E2. This substance has a multifaceted spectrum of action. In the United States, it is sold under a label Muse or Caverject to treat erectile dysfunction. In other countries, it may have other names, for example, Edex in France. The suppository form of the drug involves its introduction into the urethra. This invasiveness is unpleasant and often unacceptable to some people. The effect of the drug does not exceed 60 minutes (limited time of action, which is a disadvantage of prostaglandin medicines).

There are also many other oral medications (for example, Levitra, Avanafil), as well as injection solutions and devices for improving erection, for example penis pumps, which can be used both solely and in combination with other remedies.

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Choosing the Right and Safe Drug for Treating the Condition

Erectile dysfunction is a juicy market for many specialized companies.

Thanks to the staggering annual turnover, participation in such a business became an idea that quickly attracted the attention of dishonest entrepreneurs. The advent of more affordable alternatives on the Internet was not long in coming. Therefore, be wary of products sold on the Internet for a small fee. Choose pharmacies that have been on the market for a long time. But remember that pills for ED do not cure the disease, but only treat it. To cure, you need to eliminate the underlying cause of the disease.

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