8 Effects of Abstinence on Males that Can Surprise You

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Urologists, andrologists, and psychologists say that abstinence from sex (sexual restraint), especially long-term one, may be quite harmful to the human body.

Abstinence for people who are in the prime of life may be especially dangerous. However, as they say, every white has its black, and every sweet its sour. Let’s take a deeper look.

abstinence agression

1. Unstable Mental State

Everyone knows that during sex, endorphins are released. These are hormones of happiness that enhance our mood and restore our mental state. Without them, there is a great risk of long-term depression with its consequences. Of course, there is always a way out, you can eat black chocolate and play sports, which entails the release of the same endorphins. However, these artificial substitutes can only make you happy for a while. Scientists have found that giving up sexual life, irrespective of the reason, may lead to unreasonable aggression when it will be very difficult to control your emotions.

2. Decreased Libido

If a person has not had sex for a long time, his body can get used to it and want less intimate relationship. As noted above, sexual contact leads to the release of endorphins and improves mood. Due to abstinence, this connection is broken, the body begins to need less endorphin from this source and, as a result, wants less sex.

From the point of view of psychology, libido will “go” into sublimation – creativity, science, sports, etc.

However, doctors believe that it is quite possible to restore libido to its previous level. But one should expect a gradual rather than sharp increase.

sex abstinence stress

3. Higher Stress Exposure

Lack of sexual relations on an ongoing basis can lead to a higher susceptibility to stress. Scientists have long discovered that regular “classic” sex (vaginal penetration) is associated with improved performance and better protection against stress. Participants of the studies had higher levels of stress-induced blood pressure than those who regularly indulged in love joys.

4. Decrease in Intellectual Abilities

If a person has little sex in his life, this can lead to a deterioration in intelligence. Medical experiments have shown that sex improves neurogenesis (the formation of neurons in the brain). In addition, it also makes cognitive function better by activating cell growth in the hippocampus, a region of the brain that is critical to normal long-term memory.

5. Deterioration of Immunity

Lack of sex can cause an unpleasant blow to the immune system. Regular sexual intercourses (but in moderation) strengthen the immune system by increasing levels of immunoglobin (a protein that works as an antibody), namely IgA. This immunoglobin is the main protector that binds to microbes after they enter the body, and then the latters are destroyed by the immune system activated by the same immunoglobin.

abstinence erectile dysfunction

6. Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Abstinence increases the chances of impotence in men. According to research findings, men who have sex at least once a week are half as susceptible to erectile dysfunction as their counterparts who have a rarer frequency of sexual intercourse. In this case, the role of sex is the same as the role of regular exercising to maintain body tone.

An interesting article by Ferguson Medicine and Canadian Family Pharmacy specialists: Should You Tell Your Partner About Erectile Dysfunction?

Now let’s move on to potential beneficial effects.

7. Creative Inspiration

Sometimes men intentionally refuse intimacy, so that the whole power of their unspent sexual energy is redirected to the channel of creating new knowledge, an active transformation of reality, concentrated work and creative breakthrough. Such sublimation, first described by Sigmund Freud, was characteristic of Beethoven, Nietzsche, Kant, Dante and some other world-famous historical figures.

8. Improved Sports Performance

Some scientists advise athletes, marathoners, as well as those who do aggressive sports, such as boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, powerlifting, football, hockey, to refrain from sexual acts before competitions. This recommendation helps athletes save energy and nervous drive, increase adrenaline and testosterone levels, which allows splashing out aggression, which is very important for victory.

Finally, it is worth saying that sex is a natural need of the body, and regular sex reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders.

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