Should You Tell Your Partner About Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction (sexual failure, ED) is one of the most serious life challenges for male persons. If a man feels that he is not able to fully respond to female beauty and gratify a woman’s sexually, then he risks developing psychological complexes and prolonged depression. This is despite the fact that more than 90 percent of all cases are treatable (or even curable).

Why is it Better to Tell a Partner about Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men consider this disorder a personal problem. This is partly true, but erectile dysfunction affects not only the man, it also directly concerns his partner. A woman may begin to think that a man has stopped loving her or found a lover. Therefore, a frank conversation will help to clarify the relationship and quickly solve the problem. Psychological support is very important, given the fact that many occasions of ED have mixed nature (caused by a “concoction” of organic and psychological factors) or even are entirely psychogenic.

Communication Can Help Overcome Sexual Boredom

Perhaps if you tell your partner about ED, it will help solve the issue of boredom in sex. Sex in the same position, on the same bed, identical sexual roles and caresses, all this can be boring. If a male does not receive new impressions and emotions from sexual intimacy, it becomes more difficult for him to maintain his sexual appetite in relation to his female partner. Often this cause is directly related to a somatic disease, such as impaired blood circulation due to atherosclerosis. how to tell about ED

Effective Conversation – Tips for Men

A man who thinks about his physiological mechanism (let’s say “car”) carefully, and for whom it is normal to take it to the service station and say: “Let’s see, something here has started to hiccup.” With a specialist, and, perhaps, with his second half, this problem, as a rule, is quickly and effectively solved. Surely, talking about penile insufficiency with a partner is a thing that is easier to think about than do. Here are some tips to help you start communicating in this respect correctly.
  1. If you do not know which proper words to choose in order to start a conversation correctly, try to start with the fact that this problem confuses you a bit and that you would like to deliberate it. If you cannot speak directly at once, start a conversation with a discussion of your intimate life, and then gradually switch to ED.
  2. Explain to your significant other the features of your illness honestly and in detail. If your partner does not understand what is happening to you, she will not be able to help you. Your doctor can give you appropriate literature that explains erectile dysfunction from the medical point of view; you can also find informative articles on the Internet. Give your partner the opportunity to ask you questions and answer them. ED may be difficult to understand for those who have never encountered it.
  3. Discuss options for treating ED with your partner. The most commonly used symptomatic drugs for fighting the disease are PD5 inhibitors, namely Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Avana. The most popular are Viagra and Cialis.
  4. Try to discuss alternative techniques that will help increase sexual pleasure.
  5. Do not retreat into yourself; keep on communicating about this until the problem is solved.
  6. Consider therapy for couples.
  7. Do not blame your partner and do not make excuses. This does not solve the problem. Speak honestly, as it is.
When is it better to make a confession? It is apparently best to challenge this issue outside the bedchamber, but there is no strict rule. If you are faced with ED immediately before sexual contact, it may be better to talk about this on “hot scents” in order to prevent the growth of vexation and the emergence of a wall between you.

Takeaways for Males

If you have a disease at a mild stage, you may be able to solve the problem confidentially by using medications and consulting a doctor. However, in any case it is better to discuss this issue with a partner for reasons of honesty and transparency in the relationship. A conversation can be groundbreaking. It will help to remove some of the psychological burden from your shoulders.

Bonus: Tips for Women

  • Be tactful and responsive. For men, sexual problems are a real disaster. Jokes, banter and taunts only worsen the condition and lead to disorder in relationships. Insulted lover will always subconsciously worry that he will be mocked at again. This applies to all men, even very self-confident ones.
  • Tell the partner that you support him in solving his problem.
  • Tell him that in most cases the problems associated with potency are physiological in nature and may be consequences of common diseases. Most cases can be successfully cured or are at least treatable.
  • Discuss sexual issues outside the bedroom (unless your partner himself starts an important conversation). This is desirable to do in a few days or weeks, and not immediately after the unsuccessful sexual intercourse. During this time, everything can get better.
  • Treat the problem of the man’s impotence as an ordinary task that needs to be solved jointly.
  • If a penile erection is not yet possible, do not waste time: experiment, find other means of maintaining intimacy.
Do not stop emotional communication with your beloved one, he should not feel abandoned.

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