Men’s Physical Exam

Physical exam check-ups are effortless ways of making sure you are maintaining proper health. Check-ups for men cover a broad range of conditions that can prevent one from risks, even before you detect the symptoms. If your car or pet gets routine check-ups, why shouldn’t you? The following are some things to look for when taking your physical exam:

General Health Examinations

The general health examinations that your physician will run are always weight, blood pressure, an EKG to make sure that your heart is healthy, and blood work that will check your cholesterol levels, your overall metabolic health and testosterone levels.
Did you know that men younger than 50 years of age are more prone to having higher cholesterol levels than women of the same age? Cholesterol tests should be done at least every 5 years, though it certainly doesn’t hurt to check it annually if you’ve had conditions relating or affecting it in the past. Remember that when it comes to heart-related diseases, family history plays a major role, so if blood-related family members have had higher-than-average blood pressure levels, take this even more seriously. For men from ages 18 to 40, blood pressure should be checked every 2-3 years, and more frequently when older than this age frame.

Check for Diabetes in your next Physical Exam

It seems like there’s a multitude of problems the body can have, but preventing these issues can be done through only a few — including check ups. Physicians recommend men over the age of 40 to 45 to run check ups for diabetes every three years. This test will include a blood sugar level test done after fasting, and your doctor will determine how often you should be checked for this in the future.

Testicular Cancer

Ah, the gender-specific test! Don’t shy away! Testicular cancer is known to develop most commonly in young men, though can also appear at any age. Odd lumps or unexpected thickening around the testicles should be consulted and checked for. The great news is that it is highly treatable and preventable, making it one of the most curable cancers out there. Annual check-ups are highly suggested but monthly at-home self-tests are recommended as well (that’s right!).

Prostate Cancer

Yup, you’ll need to take care of two things down there. Many men will feel uncomfortable running this check-up, but it is highly required. Why? Because it is the most common cancer in males and the second most cause of male deaths in the US! What else do you need to be convinced? Here’s a plus though: prostate cancer grows very slowly. This doesn’t mean you should forget about the physical exam entirely, however. Colon cancer should also be something to look for past the age of 50.

Skin Check-ups

It may be much more comfortable to work outdoors without a shirt on, and perhaps you very rarely apply sunscreen in the first place. Change your habits and consult your doctor for skin abnormalities such as grown moles or freckles — it’s a quick and painless check-up to do, but usually gets forgotten. It takes little effort to prevent your damage to one of your body’s most delicate organs, but check-ups will assure that you are in top health.


Don’t neglect your teeth! No one likes going to the dentist but they need their check ups as much as the rest of your body does. Nobody wishes for tooth decay or gum disease, so do your part and get at a minimum of yearly check-ups at the dentist — simply brushing your teeth won’t cut it! A professional cleaning never hurts anyway.

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