The Benefits of Body Sculpting

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Body sculpting, also known as CoolSulpting, can reshape your body with surprising ease. It all starts with an initial consultation with a CoolSculpting clinician. This professional explains the basics of the CoolSculpting procedure, how it reshapes the body and how it can specifically help you build the body you have been hoping for. The clinician will examine your body from a number of different angles and pinpoint the exact areas in which fat should be removed. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to reducing fat. Each patient has unique fat reduction needs that require a nuanced treatment plan.

Body Sculpting Imformation

Body Sculpting Eliminates the Excess Fat

Body sculpting gets rid of that pesky fat. If you are like most people, you have bulging fat that is unsightly and also makes you feel uncomfortable. Take advantage of CoolSculpting and the fat will dissipate surprisingly quickly. As an example, plenty of patients freeze away fat from the inner and outer portions of the thighs. Others turn to CoolSculpting to eliminate that ugly muffin top. There are even CoolSculpting systems that treat several body sites at one time. Once all of the fat is eliminated, you will enjoy the sculpted shape you have longed for all those years.

The Benefits of Body Sculpting

What the CoolSculpting Process Involves

As the name indicates, CoolSculpting is a bit cold. This system provides controlled cooling through an applicator. The purpose of chilling the skin is to target the fat and freeze it away. Body sculpting involves a brief initial feeling of intense cold  However, this feeling will not last any longer than 10 minutes as the area in question is completely numbed. The majority of applicators rely on a vacuum to suck fat tissue directly into the applicator cup. This process can cause a slight tugging, pulling or pinching sensation. However, this slight discomfort is nothing to worry about.  Controlled cooling is completely safe and nearly painless. In fact, some patients multitask during the treatment. You can take a nap, read a magazine or even use your smartphone during body sculpting treatments.

Do not be Intimidated by the Body Sculpting Process

Though it might seem a bit odd to expose your body to cold temperatures to freeze fat away, there is no risk to your safety.  More importantly, this method of attacking fat is proven to work. The Benefits of Body SculptingCoolSculpting does not require any surgery. This means you will be able to return to your regular activities after body sculpting without any worry about potential discomfort. In fact, some CoolSculpting patients return to work immediately after treatment. 

It is possible for tingling, aches, cramps, pinching or tugging to occur in treatment areas yet these sensations are short-lived. As soon as the body site is numb, you will feel nothing at all. The treated sight might look a bit red, swollen or bruised following the session yet these effects typically dissipate in a few days or weeks.  This is the fat elimination system you have been hoping for.  Meet with your doctor to discuss body sculpting in more detail and determine whether you are a candidate for this breakthrough treatment.

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