We Offer an Anti-Aging Treatment for Men

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Men should visit our clinic for an anti-aging treatment. Until recently, people did not understand that men experience changes to their hormones just like women. While many people place much attention on menopause and how a female’s body changes over time, males bodies can change as well. After the age of 40, men begin to slowly lose testosterone.

Since testosterone is the hormone that essentially makes a man feel like a man, losing it can lead to a change in a person’s self-perception. Men can also experience difficulties in both self-confidence and personal relationships, in addition to having a health impact.

What happens when a man loses testosterone?We Offer an Anti-Aging Treatment for Men

A loss of testosterone can lead to:

  • Muscle weakness or the inability to gain muscle mass like before
  • Loss of bone density
  • Depression or loss of emotional well-being
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of sexual appetite
  • Energy loss

Some of these symptoms can lead to additional health problems. For example, weight gain can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes, in addition to diabetes.

Treatment options

Fortunately, men now have an option to treat their loss of testosterone. We recommend that any man who feels that their health has changed or that they are depressed or We Offer an Anti-Aging Treatment for Menunable to perform sexually, schedule an appointment with our clinic so that a blood test can be completed.

We can test for the level of testosterone that a patient has and if it is too low, make a recommendation for an anti-aging treatment. This typically involves testosterone therapy. We can complete testosterone therapy by having patients use a gel or cream that they apply topically. It can also be given through a patch that is worn on the skin, injections or even in a long-lasting implant. Each of our patients is different and so is how they respond to treatment.

Age comfortably

As such, we do our best to make customized recommendations based on the amount of testosterone a person has lost and how they respond to whatever we prescribe. Sometimes it is necessary to move from the cream to a patch, for example. However, we will work with patients until the best form of replacement therapy has been identified.

Once our anti-aging treatment begins, we will continue monitoring a patient to see how their testosterone levels change and how the therapy has been impacting them on a daily basis. Our goal is to help patients to age in a way that they are comfortable with and that means aging while still feeling like yourself. Getting older should not make someone feel like a different person. It should simply feel like an older version of oneself.

Through the use of an anti-aging treatment that is customized for each patient, we make it possible to age in a way that is more comfortable, healthy and a better overall experience for our patients. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call our office.

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