How to Combat Age-Related Androgen Deficiency?

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Testosterone, as an anabolic-androgenic steroid, is responsible for mannish signs, development of male organs, increase in muscle mass, muscle-to-fat ratio, health of the prostate, personality traits related to will power and aggressiveness. However, it has been proven that testosterone like other androgenic hormones begins to gradually decline with age, especially after 35. So many males after 50 actually become androgen-deficient. What to do in such a case? How to resist age-related androgen deficiency (ARAD)?

Aging in Males and Androgen Deficiency

The main causes of testosterone deficiency are:
  • The natural death of a large number of interstitial cells of Leydig with age (they produce testosterone in the testes).
  • Age-related disorders in the functions of the pituitary and hypothalamus (in the human brain).
  • Genetic predisposition.
These natural processes are aggravated by the wrong way of life, the presence of bad habits, the intake of certain drugs. The negative factors presented below also contribute to the reduction of androgen secretion:
  • irregular and unhealthy diet (fatty foods, lack of fruits and vegetables, fast food, which contains a lot of trans fats);
  • work associated with inactivity – long distance lorry driver, programmer, etc. (being constantly in a sitting position puts pressure on the genitals adding to the problems that necessarily arise in the absence of activity);
  • Improper sex life (promiscuous sexual contacts or, on the contrary, long sexual abstinence);
  • the presence of chronic diseases (especially obesity, diabetes).
As researchers R S Swerdloff and C Wang found out (1993), ARAD in elderly men leads to asthenia (known as chronic fatigue syndrome), osteoporosis, and decreased activity in bed. The condition also leads to deterioration of mood, depression, lethargy, lack of initiative, adversely affects the cognitive functions of the brain, such as the perception of information, processing and analysis of data, their memorization and storage. All this negatively impacts the quality of life and, therefore, requires treatment. low testosterone depression

Use Natural Methods

In mild cases, testosterone levels can be raised through psychological and physiological effects. Healthful natural methods are as follows:
  • Proper nutrition. All necessary substances should be ingested: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, micronutrients, including vitamins and materials. Many minerals (especially zinc) are needed for normal testosterone production. The main sources of zinc are fish, seafood, nuts, and pumpkin seeds. Vitamins of C, E and B groups are very important for the production of testosterone. Nutrients needed to maintain normal testosterone levels are found in marine fatty fish (omega 3 fatty acids) and meat.
  • Get enough sleep. A lot of sex hormones are produced during the deep sleep phase. Scientists recommend sleeping from 7 to 9 hours a day. Men recovering from an illness, or doing sports may need of the more time for rest.
  • Physical activity. A competent approach to physical exercise with its own weight or with dumbbells (barbell) gives an increase in the male hormone.
  • Positive psychological attitude. Experts in the field of psychology believe that the absence of nervous overloads, positive emotions, big and small victories contribute to the increase in the level of androgens. You can also consult a psychologist if you have problems you cannot resolve on your own.

Consider Testosterone Therapy

The use of androgens can have a noticeable effect on the size and strength of muscles in men with low levels of androgens. But do not take too large doses and do not self-medicate. This can cause serious side effects. Scientists have found that many people receiving large doses of androgens feel changes in their attitude to the surrounding reality (Freed et al., 1975). Changes in the mental state were described very diversely – as a feeling of one’s strength increase, an obsessive concentration on winning a contest or on future success, the absence of normal suppression and control of aggressiveness or even irresistible cruelty. Therefore, androgen therapy should be prescribed carefully, your doctor should take into account a lot of nuances.

Consider Drugs for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Disturbingly, but Viagra and its “counterparts” (like Cialis, Levitra, Stendra, Avana) generally cannot help to fight decreased libido associated with androgen deficit. PDE5 inhibitors only facilitate natural mechanisms of erections, so when a man doesn’t wanna have sex, the pills would be forceless. But when a male saves a desire to have intercourse with a partner (but just cannot achieve the needed penile hardness), the tablets may be very beneficial for him.

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