How to Broach the Topic of Erectile Dysfunction with Your Partner

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If you have problems with erection, it may even be difficult for you to think about the frightening diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, not to mention talking about it with your partner. Many men often choose denial and shut themselves up because they consider this a purely personal problem. But if you are firmly committed to getting rid of ED, you should not immediately run to the pharmacy or frantically search for a blue pill on the Internet, but first and foremost, discuss the problem with your partner.

Why Is It Important to Talk with a Partner?

If you hide diseases from your soulmate, she might think that problems in your sex life are related to the fact that you no longer find her attractive. Thus, the chasm of misunderstanding between you will only widen.

In addition, your partner is a person who can certainly help you and it will be easier for you to cope with the problem together rather than alone.

how to discuss ed with a partner

Tips for Discussing a Problem With Your Partner

  • Do not take a defensive position in your conversation and do not position yourself as a victim. Talk about the disorder clearly, directly, as it is.
  • Try to explain your physiological and psychological sensations associated with erectile dysfunction so that your partner can better understand what is happening to you.
  • Understand and let your partner know that true erectile dysfunction is not related to the fact that you are not sufficiently excited and that you need to try harder in the bedroom to achieve the desired level of erection. Although, the idea of diversifying your sex life by spending on sex toys in specialized stores is good, it will not help to cope with ED.
  • Let your partner speak up and ask you questions. Answer the questions asked with honesty. For those who do not have ED, it is difficult to understand what the problem is, it can be especially difficult for women to understand this.

When to Choose a Moment to Discuss the Issue?

Psychologists and sexologists believe that the worst time to discuss erectile dysfunction is when you lie with your partner in bed after an unsuccessful attempt at sexual intercourse. It’s better to carefully consider everything you want to say and choose the right moment to talk during dinner or when going for a walk. If you still want to discuss the issue while the trail is still hot, first get out of bed and get dressed.

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Know That You Are Not Alone

Scrutinized under a scientific study Massachusetts Male Age Study on Sexual Dysfunction, an estimate of 18 to 30 million men in the United States of America suffer from ED and experience the problem emerging as early as 40. Research gate believes the numbers of ED sufferers globally are at 150 million and forecast a spike in the figures to 322 million by 2025. By discussing this data with your partner you can show her that you aren’t alone, and that ED is a global problem which requires a complex approach in treatment.

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You Can Discuss Possible Treatment Methods

Tell your partner that your problem is usually easily treatable. For instance, you can use Viagra medication containing sildenafil citrate, an active chemical causing incremented sex drive. Viagra belongs to group of medicinal remedies called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors which accelerate the blood influx and relax the arteries. Other similar drugs of this class include Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra. Usually oral treatment is definitely enough to fight the problem symptomatically and systematically. However, in severe cases some males need to resort to more inconvenient methods of therapy, for instance, Caverject, an intracavernosal injectable medication.

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Word in Conclusion

Sometimes doctors recommend that you abstain from sex for a while and practice other activities in bed, such as a relaxing massage. At the same time, you must be diagnosed by a doctor and choose the appropriate treatment methods. Use this break period to remember why you fell in love. Remember that you are not just friends, but a couple and it is in your power to find a way out of this situation, making sex even more exciting than it was before.

And finally: you cannot expect instant healing only thanks to an honest conversation with a partner, but psychological relief will give you strength and motivation to effectively deal with the disease.

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