Erectile dysfunction (sexual failure, ED) is one of the most serious life challenges for male persons. If a man feels that he is not able to fully respond to female beauty and gratify a woman’s sexually, then he risks developing psychological complexes and prolonged depression. This is despite the fact that more than 90 percent of all cases are treatable (or even curable). (more…)

When planning a visit to our family medicine office, we encourage patients to take time to think about some of the health questions that they have and any concerns that could be bothering them. A family physician is an incredible resource for health-related information. Even though most people visit us because they have a health problem that needs treatment, we do more than treat disease. We can also help to prevent it. By showing patients what steps they can take to improve their health, we can often reduce the likelihood that they will suffer from health problems in the future. As such, plan to have a conversation so that you can benefit from the knowledge we have on how to improve your health. (more…)

If you are struggling with poor health but are unsure why visit our clinic to speak with the family doctor in Mesa. We understand how frustrating it can be to live with poor health, be in search of answers and be unable to find them. Many patients spend time looking up symptoms of potential diagnosis online, reading blogs, looking through magazines and speaking with friends and family to no avail. These resources can be a helpful starting point but they cannot replace the in-person examination and consultation with a licensed physician. (more…)