When planning a visit to our family medicine office, we encourage patients to take time to think about some of the health questions that they have and any concerns that could be bothering them. A family physician is an incredible resource for health-related information. Even though most people visit us because they have a health problem that needs treatment, we do more than treat disease. We can also help to prevent it. By showing patients what steps they can take to improve their health, we can often reduce the likelihood that they will suffer from health problems in the future. As such, plan to have a conversation so that you can benefit from the knowledge we have on how to improve your health. (more…)

Take a moment to think about how nice it would be to enhance the look for your skin while slimming down your body at the same time.  This hypothetical situation probably seems like a pipe dream. It is now possible thanks to VelaShape 3. This amazing device decreases that annoying fat that will not go away no matter how hard you try. It is perfect for those troublesome fatty areas like the thighs, abs, neck and arms. In fact, most of those who try VelaShape 3 find it provides meaningful results after a couple treatment sessions. In some cases, notable visible improvements occur after a single session. (more…)

Everyone is looking for a way to eliminate the wrinkles along the sides of their mouth and nose. Most people try an array of products only to find one that works somewhat well or find none and give up out of frustration. Juvederm is here to help combat those unsightly facial wrinkles and keep you looking your best as you age with grace. (more…)

Body sculpting, also known as CoolSulpting, can reshape your body with surprising ease. It all starts with an initial consultation with a CoolSculpting clinician. This professional explains the basics of the CoolSculpting procedure, how it reshapes the body and how it can specifically help you build the body you have been hoping for. The clinician will examine your body from a number of different angles and pinpoint the exact areas in which fat should be removed. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to reducing fat. Each patient has unique fat reduction needs that require a nuanced treatment plan. (more…)

Vaginal rejuvenation is a medical term that refers to a number of different procedures meant to improve the look, feel and function of the vagina. Also referred to as female genital plastic surgery, vaginal rejuvenation includes several procedures to improve vaginal functionality as well as patient confidence and health. The bottom line is childbirth, surgery, injuries and even menopausal symptoms all have the potential to make a woman feel as though she is no longer attractive. If you feel depressed or unappealing for any of these reasons, you should meet with your doctor to discuss vaginal rejuvenation. (more…)

For many of our patients, the appointments in our office for headache and migraine relief are a lifesaver. Millions of people suffer from regular headaches and migraines. In many cases, over-the-counter medications like Tylenol or ibuprofen are simply not enough to decrease the pain and discomfort they cause. For that reason, people frequently live with a debilitating condition that can impact their quality of life. Patients who are tired of living with them will find relief by visiting our office for help. (more…)

Improve your health and sense of well-being by visiting our medical spa today. Our services are designed to provide patients with alternatives to traditional treatments that go beyond addressing obvious symptoms and problems to helping restore the body to better health and appearance, higher functionality and improved vitality.

To do so, we use the latest in technology whenever possible. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, we are able to achieve things that were not possible even a decade ago. This is one of the many reasons that patients choose to visit our medical spa. (more…)

Skin care is important because how a person cares for their skin is going to directly impact their appearance today and well into the future. Still, most people take the appearance of their skin for granted, assuming that it will either always look incredible or thinking that there is no way to impact its health or appearance. (more…)

The holidays are coming, making this the right time for anyone who is suffering a health problem to visit our canadian medical clinic. Now is not the right time of year to delay in seeking medical care and hope that everything gets better. Doing so can lead to special times being missed with friends and family, delays in getting work done and missed vacation time. No one wants to spend the holidays in bed feeling sick, so it is important to visit our clinic for help at the first sign of a problem.

If you are struggling with poor health but are unsure why visit our clinic to speak with the family doctor in Mesa. We understand how frustrating it can be to live with poor health, be in search of answers and be unable to find them. Many patients spend time looking up symptoms of potential diagnosis online, reading blogs, looking through magazines and speaking with friends and family to no avail. These resources can be a helpful starting point but they cannot replace the in-person examination and consultation with a licensed physician. (more…)